Sneeze Guards: Which one is right for your business?

With the recent global pandemic, sneeze guards have become an important part of keeping employees and customers safe. Sneeze guards work by providing a plexiglass sneeze guard between employees or customers, while still allowing interaction. Sneeze Guards are a practical form of PPE because they are easy to clean, provide protection on both sides, and show a commitment to safety from your company.

If you need sneeze guards installed for the safety of your guests and your workers, you may be confused by the variety and sizes available. There are three major types of sneeze guards, and each one is designed for a unique situation. This is the break down of the different types of sneeze guards.


Freestanding Plexiglass Sneeze Guards

This type of sneeze guard is ideal for situations where your employee and your customer needs to interact face to face. Examples of this might be at a banking counter, a reception desk at a hotel, or a counter at a restaurant. These shields can easily be put up or taken down where needed, and can be used in a variety of different situations.

Some freestanding sneeze guards come with a slot at the bottom which allows for safe interactions between people. This might be a larger slot that allows pedicures or manicures to be done through them, or smaller slots to let money or tickets through.

These barriers can be used in a variety of different ways, from customer interaction to providing PPE in the break room or at an office desk. Use this sneeze guard when you may need to put up PPE quickly, or if you are in a situation where it will need to be moved on a regular basis.

Sizing: There are a great many different types of plexiglass sneeze guards out there. When trying to find the right fit for your company, consider whether the people using it will be sitting or standing. A good sneeze guard will be between 24” and 36” tall, which provides ample protection. You can use a shorter one if they are generally sitting, and a taller one if they tend to stand.


Screw On Plexiglass Sneeze Guard

A screw on plexiglass sneeze guard is not as portable as a freestanding sneeze guard, but can be taller due to the added security from the screws. These sneeze guards are ideal for situations where someone is standing in the same place to interact with customers, such as at a checkout counter, or a deli counter. These sneeze guards are ideal for any transactional area, where the employee and the customer tend to stand at the same place for long periods of time.

When installed, screw on sneeze guards are usually installed on the customer side of the counter, and are ideal in situations where you don't want any gaps. If you have a display case showing food, or are showcasing items in a display that could easily transmit disease, this type of shield is best.

Sizing: Your local health department may require a certain height to protect your employees and your customers. This height may vary depending on whether the people are sitting or standing. A common height for the sneeze guard is around 36”, which gives ample protection.


Hanging Plexiglass Sneeze Guard

Sometimes it is better to have a sneeze guard hanging rather than screwed on. This allows a gap at the bottom so that people can pass money back and forth, or extend a hand for a manicure service. By hanging the sneeze guard, you give your employees and customers protection from germs while still allowing them to interact easily.

The gap provided by these plexiglass sneeze guards is generally 12”-14”, which provides a reasonable space for working while still providing protection. These sneeze guards are ideal for situations where you  need to make frequent transactions, such as:

  • Bank tellers
  • Dentist offices
  • Doctor's offices
  • Manicurists

They also provide a clear visual showing customers your commitment to good health, which is important in businesses that require a lot of personal contact. If you work in the medical profession, these plexiglass sneeze guards show that you are taking added steps for safety, which can help improve trust.

These panels are made of commercial-grade acrylic, which is easy to clean and see-through to help improve interactions.


Sizing: These sneeze guards should be hung so they are 54” from the ground. This will allow for a gap, while still protecting employees from sneezes and contamination from breathing.

Different types of sneeze guards are important for different situations. If you have an office space where people are constantly moving, freestanding sneeze guards may be the best option. If you are constantly passing things back and forth between you and a customer, a hanging one may provide easy access while still protecting your employees and customers. Finally, if you need a solid sneeze guard that doesn't move around, a screw on sneeze guard is the best choice.

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