Why Sneeze Guards are an essential for 2020

Over time, we have all come to realize that we need to be more vigilant and careful with our health. Frequently washing our hands, covering our mouths and noses when we sneeze or cough, and staying home whenever possible are all important measures for protecting ourselves from the common, everyday illnesses we experience. However, workers don’t always have the luxury of practicing all of these and instead have to rely on things like sneeze guards to keep themselves healthy – making them an absolute necessity!

What exactly is a sneeze guard, though? Well, sneeze guards are protective screens made of plastic, glass, or other similar materials. Invented by restauranteur Johnny Garneau in 1959, these shields were originally used to protect food from contamination in restaurants, buffets, and delis. They actually became so useful and important for food safety and sanitation that the 1960s-era FDA made them mandatory for all US food establishments. Nowadays, sneeze guards are being used as partitions in everything from grocery stores to general retail shops to clinics and more to help increase hygiene, protect retail workers, and protect public health. However, they still remain an integral part of the restaurant and dining experience, keeping food healthy, hygienic, and at less risk of contamination.

Since a myriad of businesses make use of sneeze guards, sneeze guards have had to evolve away from just the traditional glass box of yore to become more inclusive. If you are a food establishment, the glass box option is still there, but sneeze guards are now available in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and weights. Each aspect comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, while plastic guards are often cheaper and are less breakable, glass ones are more resistant to scratches and they are easier to clean. 

The type of business using the sneeze guard will also help determine what material would work best for them, though. Likewise, the industry in question will also influence what size, shape, or style of guard is appropriate. For sit down businesses like nail salons, glass standing ones with hand cut-outs and a height around 24 inches work best. Offices also benefit from similar guards. Meanwhile, coffee shops, grocery stores, and hotels find a better fit with 32 or 36-inch-high+ sneeze guards, as these provide greater coverage for retail workers on their feet. 

With that in mind, however, sometimes businesses have special needs that these typical guards can’t accommodate for. In these situations, a custom guard is probably the best answer. Here at  Sneeze Guards Pro, we offer easy, fast custom ordering that guarantees you’ll get exactly what you need for your business. We also do have more typical sneeze guards available in various shapes and sizes. Whether you need sneeze guards that are hanging or freestanding, with a base or without, taller or smaller, we’ve got you covered. To order, visit us at, or contact us today to learn more.

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